Alexandra and Erica You are Loved and Missed so Much CLICK HERE

An Easter message to my First Wife and Daughters slightly modified here from the one that is still on my Face Book Page:

A family man will always have a protected place in his heart for the Wife and Mother of His Daughters and the gems of a marriage... Beautiful Awesome Daughters...

Alexandra and Erica: I love You both and missing you never stops. Praying that we can open the doors and keep in touch is constant.

What will it take to open the gate?  No one I know says they could rest without knowing the status of their Daughters. I can't... it's no different then if terrorists took your family.  

If you have any thing against your dad I have willing ears.  Nothing is neede by me other then to know something...  In fact I would be happy to restore our family if that was possible, see below a couple sentenances ... been some long hard years.

As you know I have kept this web site up for years and have been on Face Book since about 2005, taken out front page ads to find you in the Little Nickel for King County, WA that covers the entire Seattle Area.  You can Google my name and hit this web site with ease. I have a dozen original copies of the Little Nickel if you want to see.  

I wish dignity and good will for all and I deserve some too.

Many lessons learned, many tough times and a Faith in God honed and tempered and no Blessing overlooked. You, Alexandra and Erica are Blessings.

If my1st Wife and mother of my Power Daughters is out there Happy Easter and God Bless You.

I have conducted the funerals of my Parents and Sister. Home hospice care for my Mom 8 years, saved the farm so she could finish her life there and changed bed linens 2-5 times a day for the last 2 years (you get the idea). Saw June through cancer and she decided to go her own way.

Since that time, Jessica, Alexandra and Erica I only remember our good times and adventures and cherish them, and remember an email I got from You Jessica a long time ago about putting the band back together some day... my email is still the same as always, I check it ever day.

God Bless You Alexandra and Erica in every way!!!  Your Mom too, I would be very happy to reestablish our family.

The Power and the Love of an Awesome God that can raise His Son from the depths of hell taking the keys to death, hell and the grave right out of satin's hand, back to his Right Hand in Heaven can restore any Family. I know this in my heart.


Update:  With my Mom's passing, I was not able to keep the farm, I could just not work it out.  I now live in rural "in the woods" senior community Willow River, MN about 100 miles North of Hugo. 2bd, 2ba modular on about an acre.

Time in Willow River: