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Note:  Silvergate Horse Boarding closed in 2001 when my Dad passed to Heaven.  Any reference to "Horse Boarding on my web site is for sentimental reasons to honor the memory of my Dad, Mom and Sister.  My Parents named the farm after my Sister whose name is "Silver" thus the name Silvergate Farm.  My Dad and I purchsed the farm for cash paid in full in as my Dad prepaired for retirement 1979.  I lived with my parents on the farm from 1979 to 1993 when work took me to California.  I returned to care for my Mom in March of 2008 after she suffered a broken hip and leg and stroke.  Now that I am 62 and the only surviving member of my Family I am securing a reverse mortgage as it was my Mom's desire for me to have Silvergate to finish my life here also. Silvergate Farm is now just  my personal residence.