Roxy the Super Beagle Dog

Update:  Shortly after my Mom passed to Heaven on September 27, Roxy left fo heaven in November in such a typical Roxy way... Wagging tail, smile and ask to go out, I was working on the computer and saw Roxy saunter by, I got up and called her in.  She laid down in her Beagle size bed I had for her by my computer desk, did the 3 circle thing, then the grunts and pushing out the last lumps with her paws, then looked up and I gave her the required ear rub and back pat and she promptly fell asleep.  I finished the work on the computer a couple hours later and was going up to the kitchen to make a sandwich. Roxy never missed a trip to the kitchen for a share of a roast beef sandwich!!!  I knelt down next to her Beagle bed to invite her for a snack and she was gone.  So Roxy, no stress no strain always gennerous with the smiles and Beagle hugs.  I miss my Family and this dog so much.  All good happy memories.